One year ago

I remember one year ago today. It was a stressful day at the newspaper I worked for at the time (production day), and I always looked forward to shows on Monday because they seemed to calm me down and give me something to smile about in the face of what was most often a crappy day.

But the show one year ago today was anything but stressful.

"I'm quitting the show. I'm retiring." Lino said. I was fortunate to get through to try to talk some sense into him, but my words did nothing.

"This sucks," I told Lino, who was quick to remind me that with other Catholic media, the usage of "sucks" would be forbidden. "Well damnit to Hell" I responded. I was understandably sad: My favorite show was going away! Lino seemed to feel at peace about it, which led me to bargain with God and a fictional Lino that lives inside of my head.

"If he'll just sign one more contract, I'll enjoy the time that's left and not complain if he walks at the end of that deal."

So there I am, going to bed without any hope for the future. No more show, no more growing in the faith. No more laughing at innuendo, and no more making new friends due to the show.

However, I did remember the next day that a certain man named Brett Favre decided to come out of retirement and play football again. I know this sounds made up, in retrospect, but my first thought was, "Maybe this is what Lino needs, maybe Favre changing his mind is a sign from God and will inspire Lino to change his broken ways."

And what do you know, Lino came on the air that day and said that he changed his mind, that the outcry from listeners made him decide otherwise.

Since then, we got the good producer Maureen back from Martha Stewart. We got Lou, stronger than ever. In fact, without Lou the show would limp towards the finish line. But most importantly, we got Lino. And he's better than ever!

I'm not sure what the future holds for Lino, if he stays or if he goes. But I stick by that deal I made with God, and support Lino even if he ditches us down the road.

I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts.

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