Sign up for your chance to visit Greece with Lino

Wanna go to Greece and Turkey with Lino Rulli, Maureen McMurray, Lou Ruggieri and Fr. Rob Keighron? Here's your chance!

On Thursday, Lino announced that the dates for the next pilgrimage had been set: April 29-May 8, the week after Easter. Here's where things are a little different than last time. On the last trip, Lino had no clue how many people would be coming along. So he just announced it and let people sign up, thinking it could take weeks.

The trip sold out in one day! So with this trip, instead of making it first come, first serve, interested persons should visit tomorrow (Monday, Sept. 13) and sign up from Noon east to Midnight east. When you sign up at the site, your name is entered into the system, and the travel company will select 40 people (and their guest) at random.

Note that you don't win a free trip. You merely win the right to pay for the trip, which is about $3,400 per person for a double occupancy room (I'm thinking that means that you and your spouse will pay $7200 combined on the trip, something I and my future bride will be unable to do). The reason Lino is doing this is because if he had announced it, then people driving or working or listening to the overnight show would be unable to sign up in time. So this lottery system seems like the most fair thing around.

The full itenerary is available at, and from the looks of things, it sounds like a fun trip. The best part about the trip? The crew gets back May 8, giving them six days of rest before they head to Harrisburg for Allicia and I's wedding!!!

So if you are able to go on the pilgrimage, Monday is the ONLY day you can enter. Clear your schedule if you'd like to meet Lino!

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