Four years of pure Catholic pleasure

When mom bought satellite radio for me in Christmas of 2003, I had no idea what I was getting into.

When Best Buy installed Sirius in my car the day after Christmas seven years ago, it was Sirius before Howard Stern. Before the NFL started airing all of its games on Sirius. In fact, the main reason I wanted satellite radio was for a clear ESPN radio feed and classic rock.

I had no desire for religious programming.

Favorite shows came and went for me. I listened to Breuer Unleashed nearly every afternoon. Tony Kornheiser took up my morning time. Even Playboy radio had a pretty decent advice show (one great piece of advice I took away from the woman hosting the show is that relationship problems don't get solved by spending time apart from each other). I never found the one show that really grabbed me though.

That is, until March 2008, when I discovered Lino Rulli on the radio. Good grief, I've harped on this plenty to anyone who will listen, but hearing that show changed my life. And once I started listening to Lino, I found other shows on the station that I really started to love. Busted Halo, Bob Dunning, Greg and Jennifer Willits, even Gus a time or two.

It's great that this December, Lino and The Catholic Channel are turning four years old. Sad to say that I didn't start listening to The Catholic Channel when it first debuted in 2006, but our own Elaine in North Carolina was one of the first listeners, even telling people in the Catholic Answers Forum about it days before launch. But in the two-plus years I've listened to it, it's easily been the best thing I've heard since getting satellite radio seven years ago (except for Notre Dame screwing things up).

Thank you Lino for four great years on the radio. I hope you and the rest of the channel keep up the great work. You are all appreciated more than you'll ever know.

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