Lino's Lenten Sacrifice

After seven days without a show, it might be easy to say that Lino gave up the radio for Lent.

However, the man has been ill lately coming back from vacation, and we all wish him well. With Ash Wednesday one week away, it's time to start thinking about what Lino will give up for Lent. He's always taken listener suggestions each year, so it's safe to say that some of our suggestions could make their way into his personal life.

Here are some suggestions that he might choose, he might not, and some he just might plain scoff at.

• Daily Mass. An easy one. I think Lino could eventually start doing this any ways.
• One Rosary a day. This would be a sacrifice given the busy life Lino has. He already prays a lot though, so adding this wouldn't be too much of a shock.
• Giving up red meat. Lino's getting older. Has to start watching the health more. So I wouldn't be surprised if he started giving up pepperoni on a slow but sure basis.

Wow, each of the three things I thought of that could get Lino closer to holiness are things he'll probably end up doing anyways. What does that say about Lino? That he's getting closer to God each day? That's not a shocker. He does such a great job inspiring others that it would be easy to inspire himself to other great, holy things.

I guess we'll find out soon. If he ever comes back.

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