Lino needs an app

The title of this post says it all: Lino Rulli needs an iphone app.

It's smart: Lino needs marketing. His web site does a pretty good job at it. He has a ton of people at Facebook, and his Twitter feed boasts more than 2,000 followers. Why not create an app?

I'll give you an example of what Lino Rulli's app could look like. There's a man named Dan Patrick who hosts his own radio show. If you download the app, you can listen to podcasts of the show through a playlist. His daily radio show is also available on a loop, so if you miss the live broadcast, you can listen to replays all throughout the day until a new episode is created.

I think this kind of app would be extremely simple for Lino to have created for him. I realize that the show is only available with a Sirius XM subscription, so if you have online access, the app could easily allow you to log in to listen to the live show (or the replays). Otherwise, you could still download the app and hear the podcasts at no extra charge.

Come to think of it, this would be a brilliant idea for all shows on The Catholic Channel. I realize that Sirius XM might see this app as competition for their own app, but I think an app that teased you with podcasts with the knowledge that the programming is available if you just sign up would bring in even more subscribers.

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