State of The Catholic Guy Show: Fan perspective

Much like the President of the United States, we here at have a lot to oversee. We have to keep Lino on top of his toes, make sure he isn't losing touch with the common man/woman.

So every so often, we will begin the State of The Catholic Guy Show: Fan perspective. Much like the President's speech (and Lino Rulli, for he himself used to do this segment on the show), we'll go over what we like, what we don't like, suggestions, recommendations, etc.


Overview: The Catholic Guy Show with Lino Rulli: Not what you'd expect! This show is an assortment of wackiness and faith, rolled into one big bag of fun. Lino Rulli, Maureen McMurray and Ryan Grant come together each day to give everyone a healthy dose of Catholicism without boring anyone to death. There's always room for improvement, but there's an old saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And there is plenty of things on the show each day that Lino hasn't broken.

What we really like: The show really does have some of the best segments on the radio. Personally, I'm giddy when they play Scathegories (a take on the game scattergories). It's the perfect blend of faith and humor, and more than any segment on the show, it really allows everyone's personalities to shine.

On a smaller note, I'm happy that some sound effects have come back. Fr. Dave's laughter might be the best sound clip that gets played on the show. Whoever thought to start playing that one again deserves a dollar raise.

Ryan Grant has been a pleasant addition to the show. He has great comedic timing, and being a former seminarian, really gives Lino someone that he can discuss deeper matters of faith than in the past. It really allows Lino to give the show a more conversational tone. It's also inspiring knowing that a former listener made it to such a position of prominence on the show. Great things can truly happen when you listen to TCGS.

I think we've seen a new side of Maureen on the show recently. On Friday's episode, Lino said that he's seeing Maureen get more interested in her faith, citing her reaction to Lino's novena being answered with a physical sign, and praying to St. Anthony when her phone got lost on the pilgrimage. Some might scoff and say that it isn't a big deal, but we all start with baby steps in the Faith: here's hoping that we see more progression on this.

Fr. Rob. Where can we begin with this man. Fr. Rob might be the next great genius on radio. He's ALWAYS entertaining in every appearance. Even when he makes you cringe (his "slurring" of Italians Friday might warrant a "Fr. Rob is sorry" segment), there's no denying that he has the gift of gab. He does show off his knowledge of the faith enough to prove that he's a man of the cloth. My favorite Fr. Rob moments are the segments when he just goes off on whatever is bothering him, as it's great to see Lino play the straight man to the raving lunatic.

Fr. Jim Chern provides us with the opposite of Fr. Rob: a calm, sane man. He's able to take Lino's ribbing with a gentle grace, he has the ability to laugh it off. Fr. Jim's presence on the radio makes you wish he was your parish priest. A fun guy who can have a good time and teach you a little about the faith is the ideal person to have as a priest. Fr. Jim's latest and greatest contribution to the show has been the "What's Up With That" segment, an evolution of Lino's previous news segments. And while the SNL "What's Up With That" singing clips are funny, I much prefer Fr. Jim's bewildered "What's Up With That" voice clip.

And finally, Lino Rulli. Lino doesn't get stale on the radio. I expect this from a radio professional, but when you factor in all of the other stuff that Lino does on the side (speaking engagements, tv production work, recording his audio book, revamping his web site so that it is actually good), it would be easy for Lino to get complacent, give us a half-assed radio show knowing that he has the perfect excuse to do so: a life of busyness. And while I worry that Lino overworks himself, all of Catholicism should be indebted to his work for Christ.

Fr. Dave Dwyer. Fr. Dave isn't on the show but for a few minutes, but his laughter is the perfect way to close out the show.

What we don't like: Yes, occasionally we like to provide Lino with some constructive criticism. Some of this criticism is beyond his control (some of our gripes are things only the mustaches can fix), but some of it is stuff that he can improve on as well.

• If something goes wrong on the show, don't draw attention to it. We understand mistakes happen, just roll with it.

• The mustaches at Sirius XM really need to get tv cameras in the studio. It's been a longing for many of us for years. If Sirius XM is worried about losing money, they shouldn't be: One hour of the show each day would probably bring more people to the service.

• Lino, you've had volume one of Generation Cross out for how many years now? C'mon man, when the book finally gets completed, get to work on volume two.

• We want Lino to utilize his Twitter more. His funny quips are great, and he just recently started using Twitter to play games with followers, but we wish he was more immersed in his Twitter (not all of us have Facebook), and involved it in the show more. Speaking of Twitter, we think the crew needs to utilize the Catholic Guy Show twitter feed more. The account has more than 2,200 followers. It would be a great way to advertise the show, let people know about guests, segments, etc. I try to update it when I can, but I know Lino and crew can do a better job than I ever could.

What we want to see in the future: We want Lino to succeed. We want him to get more Twitter followers than Patrick Madrid. We want reruns of Generation Cross on the airwaves. We want Lino to do his own podcast in his spare time (twenty minutes of Lino just ranting on whatever he feels like would be the greatest download iTunes has to offer). We think the show is really starting to hit it's stride, and that the best is truly yet to come.

In conclusion, we thank Lino Rulli for hosting TCGS. We thank for keeping us up to date on Lino news, and filling in the gaps that we at are unable to do at times. We thank Maureen, Ryan and the priests for rounding out the show and making it an enjoyable experience.

Thank you Lino Rulli. Until next time....

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