Lino grabs headlines

Well, sort of. Two unrelated stories featuring Lino Rulli are floating around on the world wide web.

The first is a story about Vatican Wars with the headline "Catholic Media Tries to Steer People Away From Race For Virtual Pope." The game is exactly as the headline states: Gamers try to become Pope. You list your beliefs, if you would alter Church teaching, etc., and try to become influential enough that others would vote for you.

I personally don't see anything wrong with the game, but the article calls Lino a "conservative voice" that tried to discourage people from playing the game. I didn't get the sense that Lino was actively discouraging people from trying it, but that he just didn't care for it personally.

The second story is a doozy. It's about Lino speaking in Ireland at the youth conference, but the writer of the story apparently is combining Lino and Fr. Dave Dwyer of the Busted Halo Show in some crazy Frankenstein lab.

At 11am, Fr Lino Rulli comes bounding onto the stage. Once a budding MTV host, he is part-comedian, part-evangelist and has won three Emmys for a routine that has earned him fame on New York’s airwaves as “the Catholic Guy”.
Yes, Lino won three Emmys. But Fr. Dave was the one who used to work for MTV. And Lino is no priest. Part comedian? Not standup: That would be Busted Halo's Brett Siddell. Still, kudos for trying, and for calling Lino a natural entertainer. He truly is.

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