The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli...and Fr. Rob?

Fans of Fr. Rob Keighron (we count ourselves among the biggest) were given a real treat last week. Three brand new episodes of The Catholic Guy Show featuring Fr. Rob!

I know that when Lino hires a new producer, Fr. Rob probably won't be appearing three times a week, as Lino will have someone new to banter with (and Fr. Rob being a principal of a school is probably time consuming). Still, we hope that there are more Fr. Rob appearances like this week (and a few more does of Fr. Jim Chern would be welcome as well).

Fr. Rob can be mean, abrasive and downright silly sometimes. But he's certainly relatable in his annoyances, and when it matters, he really shows off great knowledge of the faith.

To another round of Fr. Rob!

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