A quick recap

Hey everyone,
Thought I would give a quick recap on a few things from the show this week. First, as many have probably already heard, Father Rob Keighron will be joining the Catholic Guy Show full time in September! Fr. Rob 5 days a week... This will be a great thing that will take the show in a whole new and refreshing direction. In anticipation of that, there is a lot of things that need to happen behind the scenes...so the week of August 8th will be "Best of" shows in order to get a lot of that done. Plus, Father Rob and Lino will be headed to Spain to prepare LIVE (to tape) broadcasts from World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. Lino will be doing a daily one hour broadcast as well as calling in to all of the other shows on the channel. It should be a great week of programming for the Catholic Channel.

In the world of the Biggest Catholic Loser, both Lino and Father Rob reached their weight goals. Father Rob succesfuly lost 32lbs and Lino (barely) gained his 10 pounds of muscle. Congrats to the both of them.

If you have been listening, you may have heard that we have started a new contest! Send us a song parody about Father Rob joining the show for your chance at a Lino Rulli bobble head. Submit your entries at catholicguy.com

Enjoy the show today! - Father Jim Chern will be stopping by the big show

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  1. Ryan- That all sounds good, but we will only send in a song parody if you promise you won't let Fr. Rob sing it!