40 things I learned from Lino Rulli

Happy Birthday Lino! In honor of 40 years of greasy love, I am putting together a list of 40 things that I've learned from you! You inspired my conversion to Catholicism, led me to my bride, and give me funny radio each day I turn you on!

Thank you Lino Rulli.

1. Christians can laugh.
2. Doubting is OK.
3. God can handle our anger
4. The Eucharist is really Jesus' body
5. The Foo Fighters are an amazing band
6. All Italians have a lawyer and a priest of some sort in their family.
7. Pilgrimages can be expensive
8. You can only get baptized once.
9. It's ok to call your Mom every day
10. There are really men named Goob
11. Howard Stern is a genius.
12. Jay Leno is a giant tool.
13. Every day is a struggle if you really want to follow Christ.
14. Praying to saints just means talking to them, not worshipping them.
15. Boring Christian media should not be acceptable.
16. Somewhere in Minnesota there is a huge ball of twine.
17. Apparently people can cheer for Green Bay and Minnesota without issues.
18. Goddaughters can be bribed to not get pierced tongues.
19. Don't say the word "cock" on the radio, even if you're referring to your chickens.
20. Living in the Bahamas is beyond cool.
21. Priests don't reveal what is heard in confession.
22. NYC is filled with Urine
23. It's possible to lose games on your own show
24. Your boss is truly clueless.
25. Bella Napoli has the greatest pizza in the world.
26. It's ok to listen to Eminem and call yourself a Christian.
27. It is possible for Catholic media to win top secular awards like Emmys
28. Peabody awards can be elusive.
29. The Bible started out with 73 books.
30. St. Peter was the first Pope.
31. Brett Favre allegedly sends cell phone pictures (Lino broke that story to me) of his naughty bits.
32. Apparently Catholic celebrities can still be wrong about some things. Yes Lino, Kris Allen, not Adam Lambert, deserved to win American Idol.
33. And they can be right about some things to. Yes Lino, The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Title in 2010, not the Boston Celtics.
34. Commercial breaks are horrible.
35. Priests actually start out as deacons before becoming priests.
36. You should fast an hour before Mass.
37. If you take Brett Siddell on vacation with you, prepare to lend him money.
38. Catholics are Christian.
39. Beautiful women that are willing to marry me also listen to The Catholic Channel.
40. My Mom was a genius when she bought Sirius Satellite Radio for me in 2002. Best gift ever.

There are many more things I've learned from Lino, but I'll save those for another birthday. In the utmost seriousness, so many wonderful things have happened to me just because I decided to listen to your show. I'd be a complete bum, probably destined to Hell, had you not come along and inspired me to care about my faith.

Happy Birthday Lino Rulli. You will never know the impact you've had on so many lives. I hope and pray that God continues to bless you for the amazing work you've done for His Kingdom.

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2 Responses to 40 things I learned from Lino Rulli

  1. Awesome post, Dustin. Thanks for verbalizing how we "Linoites" feel.

  2. mary H says:

    Wow that's a great birthday gift!