Matt Maher responds to Lino's song choice

On Wednesday's show, Lino Rulli, Ryan Grant, Kayla Riley and Fr. Jim Chern (back from the dead!) were choosing the best Catholic song for a first date. Of all the tunes, Matt Maher's  song My Only Love was chosen as the best song of the handful that the crew listened to that day.

Here's the fun Twitter response from Matt Maher.

Congratulations to @mattmahermusic! His song "My Only Love" was chosen on today's show as best Catholic song to play on a first date!Wed Oct 05 22:32:29 via Echofon

@catholicguyshow really? a song about an anniversary? i would like that rather intense and a little creepy hahahaThu Oct 06 03:22:48 via web

@catholicguyshow i meant "think", not "like".
maybe i meant "liken that to be"Thu Oct 06 03:26:14 via web

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1 Response to Matt Maher responds to Lino's song choice

  1. Matt Maher, have you met Lino Rulli? Intense and Creepy are his style! Ah, love those guys. They sure do make twitter much more fun!