Who knew listening to somebody humming could be so much fun?

I have never heard Lino laugh as hard as he did during the segment when people had to guess what Fr. Rob was humming. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard either. If Fr. Rob humming wasn't funny enough, Lino and Ryan laughing in the background was even funnier to me.

Fr. Rob literally cannot "carry a tune in a bucket", as we like to say down South. But that doesn't stop him from trying, and being a good sport about it, too. God has endowed him with great intelligence, a knack for theology, a love for Jesus and an incredible wit. He just has no talent for anything musical. God works like that. He gives us great talent for certain things so we can use it to his glory, and leaves us out on others. I like to think God plans it that way to keep us humble.

I couldn't call in when the segment was going on, so I posted on Lino's Facebook that I "pray to God he doesn't have 'The Hallelujah Chorus' on his iPod." Lino replied, "Believe me, he doesn't." (I guess we can thank God for small favors.)

I just had one more thought. I wonder how many songs Fr. Rob does have on his iPod?

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