Take a Podcast Pilgrimage

You gotta admit (once you get over your jealousy) that The Catholic Guy Pilgrimages sound awesome!
While Lino and the crew were gone and we were listening to “Best ofs” I was waiting with bated breath for them to get to Vatican Radio. Not because I wanted the listeners’ trip to be over (well maybe I did because I was just a wee bit envious) but actually because I knew the Vatican Radio broadcasts would be fantastic! I was not disappointed.
I was able to listen to a good bit of the Live (to tape) broadcasts and scooped up the podcasts this week as soon as Ryan said they were available. I think the three podcasts from this week are among some of my favorites.
If you haven’t downloaded those three podcasts, what are you waiting for? Think of what you are missing! Dinner with Lino, On the bus with Lino and Fr. Rob, an exclusive Fr. Rob homiliy, a visit from Mama Rulli in studio and the Retention Game, starring “Jeff?”
So for those of us who were not on the Pilgrimage, Lino has given us the best he could. (Hey Oh) After all, he’s a “lover,” a “sharer,” and a “giver” to quote Fr. Timmy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was on the Pilgrimage and I can say it was everything I hoped for and SOOOO much more. I would go again in a heartbeat. It's definately not just any pilgrimage.. it's the Catholic Guy Show Pilgrimage!!!!