A Fond Goodbye :-'(

This blog's coming to an end, it's time to say farewell.  All good things have to come to an end.  It's been so much fun taking part in this blog, and I wanted to share some good and not so good memories!

I remember one time I got an inspiration of a blog post just by listening to The Catholics Next Door, a replay at that.  It's where Greg related a problem with their baby daughter having a poopy diaper disaster during Mass.  The idea was to imagine Lino dealing with such a thing.  Haha.  Ain't gonna happen!

I also remember ruffling the feathers of a certain dating coach whose name rhymes with Yoko Ono.  He wanted Lino to straighten out and settle down, and I said Lino's "old" and set in his ways.  Dating Coach wasn't happy, but hey, so far I'm right.  Be yourself Lino, don't settle for an invalid marriage.

And my happiest time?  The time I got to speak to Mama Rulli around Christmas 2010 and she admitted she liked the blog, because she does read it.  It meant a lot, because I love that funny lady, and miss my own Mom who died 12 years ago.

So as we look ahead in the future, good luck God Bless everyone.  Who knows, perhaps someday Lino will work in the Vatican with a new Pope named Timothy Dolan who will take the name Linus.  Nice, but hopefully that won't happen for a good many years.

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