Lino's Locks

Not too long ago, The Catholic Guy asked our opinion about dying his hair, which has been going gray, especially since that 40th birthday!  I've been thinking about this, and have some advice:

First of all, watch the skin tone.  Nothing says "creepy old man" worse than a bright black head atop a faded, wrinkled old man's face.  You're not fooling anyone!

Secondly, what's wrong with going gray?  It will match your skin tone and age and be most natural.  Both Lino's parents have some gracious gray, Lino could definitely grow his out in a mane like his Dad's, change his name to Lino the Lion.  Nice ring.  Of course, dear Mama Rulli is graciously gray and looks very fine.  Plus, look at our Holy Father!  Even though he's German and not Italian, he's got one awesome white head of hair and he's not afraid to show it.

Whatever you do Lino, check with a professional first.  You don't want black hair dye running down your head after you break a sweat!  Geez Louise, man, just let nature take its course!

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1 Response to Lino's Locks

  1. Sharon says:

    Hear, Hear! Take it from a 40-something woman: Graying hair and receding hairlines are very becoming on a 40-something man! I should know; I'm married to one. Lino looks great just the way he is.