05.12.08 show

by dustin (the Boston Celtics fan)
(Dan's making us put our names at the top of the post so they will show up on linofans.com. So despite my name appearing at the bottom of each post, I am not being repetitive on purpose)

Talk about starting off the show on a down note.

"Sorry about the loss of your show." Funny, I heard the show for an additional three hours after hearing that e-mail.

Far be it from me to rip into someone for criticizing the show. I sometimes doze off during the Wheel of News segments, but I attribute that to having to deal with these same news stories all day. So yeah, there's my criticism, but it doesn't mean that the end of the show is near.

Now, I know that the person who wrote that emailed it to the show, meaning that they have some sort of internet access, and could read this. If they do, I want them to know that The Catholic Guy Show (TCGS) will live on despite the departure of Maureen (even Maureen would agree with this).

After that, we heard from Brett, filling in as a phone answerer, and from there, we had several intriguing developments. Lino almost met a girl, Brett did pushups for prayers (fifty!), and about four playings of Metallica's "Turn The Page," which inspired me to download the song from iTunes when I got back home from the newspaper.

But yeah, Lino nearly met the girl, but when he tried to speak to her, she turned away, completely ignoring the man in a cold fashion reminiscent of 7th grade, when I asked Casey to skate with me during a romantic song at the roller-rink. The look of disdain given to me was the same look anyone would have during a Hugh Jackman movie: utter disdain.

But anywho, the woman missed out on a great guy. I agree with Dan in the earlier post: don't beat yourself up Lino. It will hit you when you least expect it: Casey and I finally did take that skating venture, and true love blossomed shortly thereafter, culminating in a beautiful example of .... actually no. There was no blossoming second chance at love with Casey. Still dateless.

Anywho, after listening to the show today, I think that Lou should get the promotion and become producer. To everyone saying that something good can come from Maureen leaving, Lou getting a promotion and raise by earning the producer position would be a beautiful thing.

We can hope, can't we?

On a side note, I will be picking up my sister from the airport tomorrow, and she will be listening to the show for the first time (for at least an hour). Hopefully we will have an excellent show tomorrow, and my dear sister won't think her brothe was so crazy for converting to the true faith.

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