TCG will only get better.

Just a few thoughts after catching the first few minutes of today's show. I know this may sound judgemental but the writers of these type of emails would seem to me to be the type of Catholic that always seems to have a reason not to go to church. Don't like the priest, or were offended by something he said, or the music, or the way the church board is spending the finances, etc. They are too busy finding excuses to quit or give up.

Also, am I the only one who has employee turn over in my work place? Have none of these people experienced a co worker moving on. Why didn't they stop them? Maureen and Tom both left for what they consider better job opportunities. Neither was fired. Anytime there is changes things don't run the same as before. There is a transition period. Everyone has to come to understand their new roles. But eventually a new normal exists. The worries and fears of the past seem frivolous.

I truly believe better things are coming on the show. Why wouldn't they? The two members who remain obviously feel the most passionate about the show. A bit of Seinfield trivia - in the first few episodes Jerry's father was played by a different person. But the actor who replaced him for the remaining years was an awesome casting job making the show better. (I know I could google the guys name but it would just cost me time and it wouldn't make the point anymore relevant.
So sue me if I'm lazy, your too lazy to type a comment on this blog, so there;-P ).

Personally, I am going to try to pray for the show more. What I plan to do is every time I hear the intro, I will say a prayer asking God to bless the show.

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  1. Phil Bruns originally played Morty Seinfeld :)

    But yeah, you're right Doug in Kansas, the show can only get better. Heck, I just started at this paper only a month and a half ago: I don't consider myself disloyal for leaving.

    Unless all of The Catholic Guy Show's fans were putting money into Maureen's 401K, they shouldn't be angry that the amazing producer found new work.

    God bless them though! After an initial bit of anger and resentment, they'll be back :)