05.13.08 show

It's late I know...just got back from seeing Iron Man (great great film).

So I'll keep it brief: my sister, JB, was in the car with me today, and I put the show on.

She was quiet, I guess from listening to a bit on hand sanitizers that was about 18 minutes too long (sorry). I mean, c'mon Lino. Hand saniztizing and the sign of peace for 45+ minutes? Ack!

After laughing at Lou accidentally hanging up on a caller, JB made a comment about Lino.

"He's talking about girls like that, is he married?" she asked me.

"No, he's still single."

"Oh," JB said. "He's 36 and still single? Wow, that's kinda...." she replied as her voice trailed off. A fitting comment for free therapy Tuesday.

And the chuckle came from Lino reading the letter I sent about picking her up for the airport turned into giggling on her behalf. She did mention the show was funny (after showing shock that the radio show was three hours long. "You listen to this all day?" she asked).

Yes I do. When the show is as good as Lino's, day in and day out, three hours of listening is merited. Even when Lino drags on bits for way too long. :)

I'm zonked. I think I'm headed for b..............................ijjogai AGIJ

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1 Response to 05.13.08 show

  1. I definitely come down on the side of less hand sanitizer. Both talking about it, and using it.