Lino Rulli's embarrassing Hootie & The Blowfish story

By Dan @

On the Tuesday (5/13) show, Lino requested that one of us humble webmasters post the “Hootie & The Blowfish” story so that he wouldn’t have to retell it. At the risk of setting a bad precedent of requests for work from Lino (hey, I’m lazy!) here’s the scoop from what I can remember:

Several years ago, when Lino was living in the Bahamas, he met a nice young girl who was vacationing with her family. Lino hit it off (believe it or not) with the young gal and the two spent a lot of time together during her visit.

When it finally came time for the girl to go home and for her and our Catholic Guy to part ways, Lino came up with a creative plan to create an emotional goodbye during their last night together.

In a completely premeditated gesture, Lino dropped her off in his car for the last time while playing Hootie & The Blowfish’s “Let Her Cry.” Our hopeless romantic Italian funnyman, who meticulously cued the tune in his car’s tape deck prior to the date, had hoped that the ballad would make his female departing companion cry and elicit a highly emotional farewell.

Long story short: She didn’t and it wasn’t.

Our man deserves an “A” for effort, though, even though the only payoff for his quirky scheme would be creating good fodder for Catholic comedy on the radio years later.

Don’t be embarrassed, Lino. I can guarantee you that my stories of ill-advised and unintentionally hilarious attempts to sweep women off their feet could trump yours on the self-humiliation scale any day of the week.

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