05.14.08 show

by dustin (the Boston Celtics fan)

After yesterday's show, which featured hand sanitizers for 50 minutes, today's show was on. Lino kept the pace fresh, the banter witty, and gave us a great Wednesday of radio.

I'm sure you're already aware of the Bill O'Reilly/Sue Simmons clips, which are featured below. The gem of today's show, however, was Father Chern, (our Father Chern!) in the "No Dumb Questions" segment. Father Chern had great responses to many of the questions, no doubt giving some listeners peace of mind. One that I particulary enjoyed was Father Chern telling a caller, the last one of the segment, that she shouldn't be scared into baptism, something that many churches do with success.

Baptism is a great sacrament, but you should do it mostly out of love and obedience to God, not fear. I won't rattle on too much: Father Chern will probably have more to say about today's show from his own eyes. His presence in the studio gives him a much greater advantage than I have at home when it comes to that.

Lino did mention the blog address today, and that's my regret about yesterday's post: I didn't display any gratitude towards Lou and Lino for spending a minute or two praising the website and the semi-hard work we put into it. Instead it was gripe-gripe -gripe. Lino spent too long doing this, Lino should have done that, Lino's still single, etc.

I focused on the negative aspects without showing gratitude for the positives. While it's ok to criticize in a loving manner, leaving out my thanks and appreciation for Lou complimenting Catholicguyshow.com and Linofans.com is not cool!

Thanks for the love. And the great show. Hopefully today's is one that gets replayed this weekend, as I advise tuning in. The third hour, particulary the No Dumb Questions segment was perhaps the best hour of radio Lino, Lou and the crew have put on in the three months I've listened to this wonderful show.

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