Lino is evangalizing

By Doug In Kansas

If there were any doubters about where the CGS is going, yesterdays show should have quelled any fears of its demise. The first hour of the show was great. Billy O'Reilly's rant, the news lady's mental breakdown, the Wheel of News is one of my favorites, (I consistently find it first on my stilleto recordings), and can anything be better than Every Day Zero.

That said. The last hour of the show has lingered with me the longest. Father Jim and Lino answering questions was excellent. Informative yet fun. I don't think it is a 3 hour , 5 day a week format. But it is something that I definitely would look forward to from time to time.

One final thought. The last caller of the day. Tiffany who had questions about baptism, I think proves that the Catholic Channel, in this case TCG, is accomplishing what it intended to do. Tiffany is a person struggling with faith. What is right? Is she the type to listen to a deeply Catholic show? Probably, not. But Lino hooks her with his style of evangalization. By doing so, he gets her to think about her faith. Gets her to feel comfortable enough to call in and ask questions and not feel intimidated. I hope a call such as that helps Lino to realize he is making a impact.

I wrote a blog on this on my old site. And Lino often refers back to stories many of us have heard. He does this to benefit the new listener. That is why I am putting this link to my old blog. Plus, no one knew where to find my old blog, so it will probably be new material to most.
It is great that Dan and dustin have centralized everything. Both have my admiration for their spirit of openness to promote TCG show and not worry about their own egos. Lino was correct in pointing this out on Tuesday show. They both exemplify what a Christian is.

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  1. Doug in Kansas, that's very sweet and touching. Cue the violins and the box of tissues :)