By Doug INK

Tonight blog is brought to you by Leinkugel's Big Butt. (See blog photo). A great amber ale. It also is a big thank you to Ryan. It was during his segment "what are you thankful for". During the thursday show, Ryan was thankful for beer. He inspired me when quoting Sir Thomas Aquinas "Drink to the point of hilarity". I am serious. I am going to make a T-shirt quoting this and wear it daily and beat the record set by the kid who wore Brett Farve jersey for like four years. If Ryan keeps this up he will have a fan club soon. Of course, it would really help if he had a myspace page or any thing to connect to the audience.

I was blessed today or actually last night to have my father call me and say they needed my help at his business, a similar business to what I own, on Friday. I immediately said yes. Allowing me about 5 hours of sleep. No pity needed, self infliction. I sit in front of the computer tonight. Anyhows, Thursdays are my busy days, Fridays are his. I would like to say that my reasons for committing were because I wanted to honor my father but truthfully it was because I knew I would be a chance to listen to TCG shows I missed,.

As I sat down to write this blog I pondered what sort of perspective I should put on it. I thought it would be interesting to show the average fan, how an the obsessive, committed fan goes thru a day. As I drove a 2 1/2 hour trip to work, I pondered the past week and my efforts toward TCG show and this blog. I felt a little frustrated that I got no air time for my "Devil don't like Sirius 159". Truthfully, I spent maybe to much time on it over memorial day weekend. My wife even observed that I was spending alot of time just to 'get a laugh out of Lino". It hurt because down deep the truth stings . By the way, here is the link. I know shameless plug. (I AM SO PATHETIC) It is now listed under older posts.

It was fun to make. I do enjoy putting my "creative energies" to work. But I was frustrated that nothing was mentioned. It felt that I gave a gift and it wasn't appreciated. Although I might have over stepped with some of my shots . But if anyone really followed the lines of the parody it would show that I am a avid fan of the channel.

I also wondered why Lino hasn't plugged this site for awhile. Next thought, how can I have fun with this. Next thought. Top Ten List. (Lino did plug our site last thing on the Friday show, but man, I put alot of thought into this. In fact, hear is a photo of my notes to prove it.

I will decode now.

Top Ten Reasons Lino Don't Plug this site more.

10. It has nothing to do with his Catholic religion.

9. Producer Ryan wants to take the show in a different direction.

8. Guys do the blog, not chicks.

7. Lino just likes to keep things fresh.

6. Celebrity rule #1 - "Don't encourage the stalkers"

5. Lino has enough of his own sites to plug.

4. Linos purfectionism kant handle all the mispelings.

3. Lou don't like that Lino's is bigger than his. (Fan clubs that is, ........or noses.......or egos........stop reading I've just thought of another top ten list.

2. Scrupulosity - In good conscience, can't recommend people visit the site when they could
be praying.

1. Let's be honest ---- the site really isn't ----"ALL LINO ALL THE TIME".

SO it was awesome to hear the blog mentioned, I just felt it would be fun to put the above into print.

What follows is my next page of notes;

I will now decipher the Dougvinci Code.

Starting in the bottom left corner, Ryan's pick for the wheel of news are awesome. Really, not even comparable to the chick who was previously labeled as producer. It is just more interesting and causes the crew to interact more. The discussion of the Russian space station toilet going on the fritz was awesome. Surprised, not to hear a "Moscow we have a problem" joke. In fact to salute Ryan, I am going to the fridge to find another Big Butt. Whilst, I am gone listen to the audio of the space station "Wheel of News".

Out of Big Butt - still have this :

The only thing Ryan and Maureen have similar is that he tried to sing along with a song. "Beth" by KISS. Lou aged me when he said he never heard the song.

I also got to thinking about a top ten list of dirty euphemism said on the show.

Condelesa Rice having a late night encounter with Kiss.

Mark Hart once asked "How many stones did David have in is sack"

Today, a caller , Barbara " ran out of juice".

Saying Peabody with a Massachusetts accent.

Lino taking out his poll.

Ryan saying he's going to give it to caller Jim

Caller Jim implying a Imus joke when Lino weighed the difference between prostitute and adulterer.

This is from the Thursday show. They have to isolate the Mars bar,-Starbuck's priests laugh. And play it at appropriate times.

Listen and you will not disagree.

While I am fatigued so I must sign off. Why after only 5 hours of sleep did I feel motivated to blog. Because my wife knowing all my short comings leaves notes like this:

#@%!?* NFP

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  1. I hurt for Lino, doug! He did plug the site at the end of the show today, was very complimentary :)

    I hope you get some more sleep. Would hate to see Lino deprive you of that!

  2. DIK,

    Word of the day: Humility!

    I've learned to only make little bits and put stuff on for my own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of the fans. If Lino likes it and mentions it on the show, that's just a bonus.

    I thought my mock-up of the Catholic News Service website with a story about Maureen being outed as "The Anti-Christ" was pretty funny, but that didn't get mentioned on the air. But that mock article did inspire a young man named "dustin" to start contributing to, which eventually lead to this blog.

    So don't even underestimate the fruits of your labors! (Or the labors of your fruits!.. hiyo!)

  3. I like how you put my name in quotations, just like that blogger/producer did for TCC a few months ago.

    What, you think I'm not a real 'dustin?' :)

  4. DIK - you officially win the "Holiness through Randomness Award". I guess for all of us fans, it's a requirement that we have ADHD!

    Love the top 10 list by the way - too funny.

    The three of you guys Dan, our founder, "Dustin" (lol) and DIK are a riot. It won't be long before there's a "Catholic Guy Super Fan roundtable show" (can't even believe I wrote that)

    Fr Jim

  5. That would be a great feature of the show! Maybe Lino and crew could go for that sometime in the future. "The Catholic Guys" has a nice ring to it.

    We couldn't be any worse than Maureen trying to tell the Easter story!

  6. Doug INK says:

    I guess that's why we have each other. We know great material when we see it :)