5-30 show review

by dustin (The Boston Celtics fan)

Father Chern kicked off today's show. As you saw in the post earlier, he put Lino in his place by questioning his belief that he is not called to the priesthood.

"One of the people they interviewed was my atheist camera guy, who has no religion," Lino said as he defended his belief that priesthood was not in the cards. "The question was posed, should Lino be a priest? And he said, you know I'm sure Lino would be a great priest, but It seems to me that this is his calling, this is really his mission right now."

"Yeah, cause agnostics are really good at that," Father Chern replied. Zing!

Father Chern, who celebrated nine years in the priesthood, said that it would be nice to have more guys join the priesthood.

"I think a lot of guys are being called to being a priest, and they're scared," Father Chern said. "Look at how much work we had to do with Dan."

Dan's future in Texas as a priest-in-training was touched on, with Lino quipping, "Hopefully I'll have a priest running Linofans.com."

Hopefully so. Which would give this blog two writers that are priests, a married guy as a writer....and me, who seemingly contributes nothing but idle time.

That hurts. I'll cry myself to sleep tonight.

"Congrats on nine years, here's to nine more!" Lino said.

After Father Chern supposedly spoiled Lino's birthday plans for Lou by telling him happy birthday, with Lino claiming to be embarrassed by the awful turn of events, the show settled into Fridays usual banter, complete with The Inquisition game and a new, spontaneous segment that came evolved from Ryan mentioning that he would love to "lay down his life for his friends."

The segment asked listeners what they would go through before they would denounce their faith in Christ (torture, death, and so on). Most people that called said they would go through any kind of torture, including getting your intestines ripped, beheaded and so forth, without so much as blinking.

I like to think that I would not deny Christ in that time of weakness. But Peter thought he wouldn't deny Christ either, and he did it three times. So while I could flap my yak and tell you, "Of course!" the truth is, right now, I do not think I am strong enough in my faith to be able to choose pain and torture over escaping with my guilt-ridden life.

Honesty hurts. But I hope to build my faith up, so that in time, I can give you a much different answer to that question.

Solid show, with Father Chern's appearance in the first 10 minutes highlighting the three hours, and Lino giving Lou a birthday card, complete with a Popener. It's about time Lou got one.

We'll keep you posted randomly throughout the weekend.

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3 Responses to 5-30 show review

  1. Doug INK says:

    dustin, you must have caught the part of the show I missed. Father Jim is just awesome. I feel priveleged to be associated with him on this blog. Really, he and Dan legitimize us. Dr. Potzo would say that is why the two of us feel compelled to commit as much time as we do to this site. Guilt. Good old Catholic Guilt. Now that I think about it. This is you site. UM..... why am I here. I guess you legitimise me. Notice I spelled the big word different. Hopefully, I hit it right once.

  2. Doug in Kansas, we're a team! All of us make the others legitimate. We're the Boston Celtics of the catholic blogging world!

  3. Doug INK says:

    Can I be KG? I always thought I'd look good in a goatie.