Doug's May 22 thoughts

By Doug INK
I didn't catch much of today's show. Thursday, for me, are just crazy. I listened to a bit pn my stilleto coming home from work.

What follows is a little harsh. If you don't own a stilletto you are not a CGS fan. You are too cheap to pay to get every minute of the show. I have one and I commit 15 hours a week to listening and then a couple blogging. A tribute to Lino and the crew.

The show is what motivates me. I can't wait to get to my truck and listen to my recorded show. Pathetically, Lino just mentioning this blog spot today during the first few moments of the show made a difficult day better. Nothing about what was written. Just the fact that he mentioned the two web addresses it can be found at was enough . It made me realize I don't lose sleep, make my wife question my sanity for nothing. Lino does read this. ..............well at least knows the address.

Not much of a blog, I know. The first thing I listen to is the Wheel of News. Another truth - Ryan's picks for the segment are better than those of that chick who was hired to produce. No red carpets, no celeb gossip, no liberal political stories, just fun, interesting and entertaining news.

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