Doug's view of May 20 TCG

By Doug INK

Forfeiting the relaxing pleasure of just listen to TCG show soley for my entertainment, I will attempt to blog as I listen to recorded show. First, because the proverbial ol' Catholic guilt is getting to me. It feels at times this blog is a secular novena that must never be broken. dustin already said he can't do today's, Dan is , well, ....... he's Dan, and I assume Father Jim has priestly commitments. So that leaves me. Plus, Lino is really plugging this. Even mentioning today, he thinks if he ever did quit mentioning this blog, our efforts would diminish. Let's hope we never have to find out.

The show opened with Lino trying to make a correlation between the shows opening sequence and the ringing of bells before church. Wild tangents taken during this segment included a reference to the leaning tower of Pisa, (I probably spelled that wrong, but hey, everyone knows spelling ain't one of Doug's strengths), a musical tribute to Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

and a lady who Lino knows, who every time she gets liquored up around Lino mentions that she is living in sin because she is cohabitating. Lou and Lino discussed how much easier life would be if we didn't have to live by rules. Lino sarcastically made the point why would you want to do anything with rules. "What fun would sports be if we had to follow rules?" He also pointed out that rules are not meant to restrict but to free. Reminding the listener that Jesus said, "If you love me you will follow my commands".

The latter part of the first hour shockingly was a discussion on Lino bachelorhood. The springboard for this segments was a email Lino read in which a married female listener asked the question as to why Lino was single. Lou perceptively pointed out that it always seems to be taken women who say this to Lino. We also found out during this time that Producer Ryan is 27 and single. Awkward moment: Ryan referred to the Crew as "three single studs". Offending equestrians around the globe.

The second hour featured the 1st guest of Ryan's producing era, Lino's old buddy from Minn, Bill Arnold. A bit of TCG trivia, Bill Arnold was also the first guest of that other producer chick's era. Infact, he was the first guest ever on TCG. Lino pointed out that technically Bill was not Ryan's guest since Lino booked him. From this writers perspective, it seems Bill was a late addition. Since, it was obvious there was no preinterview. Typical, of a Bill call in, Bill persistently brought Lino back around to the jokes he had written and the biblical connections he was trying to make. But who am I to mock, Bill has sold millions of tickets to his play "Triple Esspresso" and I won't get two comments on this blog.

Free Therapy Tuesday followed. Dr. Potzo told Lino the session would be a half hour later than usually. Lino used this valuable half hour to show up predictable 2 minutes late. Today, Lino said they identified the fact that Lino doesn't like limits and has a difficult time accepting limitations. "I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it" to quote Lino. I'm no therapist but I think the answer to the aforementioned email about Lino's bachelorhood can be found in this statement.

The editorial recap ends here. I need to save the third hour of the show for my work out tommorrow morning. . There are some rituals I won't break. I need to sweat to a fresh Lino. Really, it just not the same listening to Guy Lloyd. I am looking forward to listening to the Wheel of News, by far, my favorite TCG segment. Overall, the show was fun and entertaining. The sarcastic tone of this blog can in someways can be attributed to Lino. It is hard to listen and write without some of his style creeping in. Lou and Lino were up to form and Ryan seemed more comfortable today, getting a some good comments in and managing to fend off most of Lino's verbal shots. I close with a shot of my own. dustin (the boston celtics fan) claims he won't be around to do a blog but I am sure he is busy watching Boston/Detroit game.

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1 Response to Doug's view of May 20 TCG

  1. Yeah! Boston wins 88-79! Pistons are going down in a hurry, with the Celts winning the Finals.

    Good job on the recap. I had to stop listening after Free Therapy Tuesday, because I had to cook spaghetti for the family (Mom doesn't get Sirius in the house, and I didn't have time to download Flip4Mac to listen to the show).

    Hopefully I'll be able to catch part of tomorrow's show.