Who's that laughing?!

By Dan @ LinoFans.com

That very distinct laugh track you’ve been hearing Lou play sporadically during the last few Catholic Guy shows is the trademark guffaw of Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo from the blog Whispers in The Loggia. Rocco was a frequent guest during the early days of The Catholic Guy show when Lino’s program was less “holiness through randomness” and more traditional, guest-heavy, Catholic radio. (Even though Lino’s radio style was always unique, new listeners would be surprised about how tame and orderly The Catholic Guy was during its infancy stages.)

The crew would often play the soundbite of Rocco’s laugh during interviews with him and during other random parts of the show. They stopped playing the soundbite for a long time, however, once they found out that Rocco was apparently very self-conscious about his trademark laugh and the amusement the crew got from it.

I guess it's "OK" now to play it?

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3 Responses to Who's that laughing?!

  1. Doug INK says:

    Thanks for that little reminder.That laugh seemed familiar but I just couldn't place where I heard it. I was trying to think of some cartoon.

  2. Ditto on that. I kept thinking it was Peter Griffin from the overrated Family Guy cartoon. Good job Dan! Do you have recordings of any of those early "tame" shows?

  3. I wish I had some of those old shows.. unfortunately they were before I bought my stiletto.