First look at our favorite "new" producer, Ryan

By Dan @

Here’s a photo of the Catholic Guy Show’s new Producer, Ryan Stewart, stolen directly from his Myspace page. (He’s the one in the middle having a good ol’ time, not the guy on the right who’s using his X-ray vision to look through a girl’s dress.)

Ready or not, here we come, Ryan!

We’ll see if he’s nice enough to add us as his pseudo-fans on Myspace or if he, in fact, hates The Catholic Guy Show audience.

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3 Responses to First look at our favorite "new" producer, Ryan

  1. Poor Ryan. He had no idea what he was getting into when he signed up.

    Then again, none of us knew what we were getting ourselves into when we first started listening to Lino's show.

    It could be worse, I suppose. At least Ryan doesn't have to deal with people criticizing TCC like they do FoxNews for the style, content, and ...oh, what's that?
    The Catholic Taliban? Oh right, Sorry I forgot.

  2. Doug INK says:

    Great scoop Dan. I checked around on the internet for anything on Ryan. All I found out is that it is a very popular name or that Ryan is a awesome athlete a pro football, baseball and soccer player.

    My wife thought he looked like Matt Damon. I am trying to figure out how to do a Sarah Silverman parody (I can't mention the song title here).

    I bet Ryan will eventually wish he would have made a second myspace page for work. Like "Producer Maureen" did, in order to seperate the stalkers from people who he really want to know.

  3. Can you blame him? He just heard Maureen went to NPR and he was getting a shot at the job.