Intriguing Reading

by dustin (The Boston Celtics fan)

Came across this blog after a tip from a reader (we have those). The link is here
Justin Catanoso, the author of the aforementioned blog, appeared on The Busted Halo show earlier this week, and has a book, entitled "My Cousin The Saint" detailing the discovery that his Grandfather's cousin is on the pathway to becoming a saint, being approved by John Paul II after a lifetime of good works.

I wish I had a cousin that was a saint. Instead, all I get are nutty children in need of a timeout and pull my finger jokes.

I guess I can live vicariously through Catanoso.

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2 Responses to Intriguing Reading

  1. Yes, you have readers.

    There's your miracle. Now. On to sainthood.

  2. Justin says:

    Hey! I have nutty children, too, three of them (they are also lovely). So a sainted relative is no insurance against that. But it has been, and remains, a great thing to ponder and explore -- not to mention, write about.

    Justin Catanoso