Show review 5-28

by dustin (The Boston Celtics fan)

This post is destroying Doug's symbolism, yes, but it had to be done eventually. And if you get a chance, watch the video, "The devil don't like Channel 159" in the earlier post. Great video!

I thought today's show was good. So good that I fell asleep during the third hour!

Yep, I missed it, and am listening to the replay to catch up. Some quick highlights of the show for you:

• Lino has a brain and Lou does not. Why? Lou is doing something so stupid, words cannot describe his lack of common sense and decision-making. Lou thinks the Celtics will NOT win the NBA championship.

Dumb pick, Lou. Just a bad assumption all around! The Celtics will win the Finals, defeating the Lakers just like the good old days. Mark these words!

I felt for Lino during the first hour of the show. He told the listeners about his evening at Old Chicago, eating alone on a Saturday night. Then, these bratty kids start throwing food at him. And instead of correcting the kids, the parents did nothing. So Lino had a bad dinner on top of a terrible evening, thanks to undisciplined children and apathetic parents.

Lino, I know it's tough to stand up to people (I understand a lot of people can be unsettled when it comes to telling parents to keep their kids in check), but when someone's children are ruining your evening, you've got to stand up and put your foot down. You aren't being rude, rather, if you inform a parent that their children are acting unruly and ass-like, you might prevent some real embarrassment for them down the road (they can correct the problem before the kids act even worse in the future).

The whole story got me thinking though, and I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this, but Lino talks about being alone on Saturday. Going to eat by himself. True, New York City is a huge place to be, but Lino is bound to have fans that will recognize him in public. I wonder how many times a fan sees him and comes up to talk to him. I'll bet that he doesn't eat alone that often: if I saw him at Old Chicago that night, I'd definitely order a round of Samuel Adams for the two of us. And I know I can't be the only one who would make that purchase.

The other thing that caught my ear in this show was Lino talking about a book deal. I wish I would have called and told them my thoughts, but I think Lino should do the book, but for each chapter or topic, have Lou give his thoughts in a "sidebar." I think Lino writing a book with Lou would be a wonderful read.

Good show. Witty banter all around. We'll hopefully recover from Memorial Day to keep the blog churning and updated more often that it has been in the next few days!

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3 Responses to Show review 5-28

  1. Doug INK says:

    As a father of 5, I have been on both sides of the restraunt scene. Best solution we have found. If kids are with we go to kid places. Infact, a few weeks ago we hired a sitter and went to supper. They were going to seat us by what looked like granparents with 6 or 7 kids. My wife told the hostess we have 5 and love kids but not tonight. We ended up eating at the bar. Which made me very happy. My suggestion to those stuck in Lino's situation - ask to me moved. From experience I know that children won't always listen to parents suggestions. (No matter what their age).
    Agree with Lino, Kevin Garnett needs his title.

  2. Doug INK says:

    Oh yeah, as far as a book deal, might I remind everyone that Lino keeps a mean.......a man journal. He'd have something to work off of. I know how he struggle to tell antecdotes.

  3. KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen all deserve a title, probably Pierce being the most deservant. God knows he's stuck by Boston through the most dismal seasons (even getting stabbed), and to see him with a title would be so wonderful: he deserves it.

    Lino's diary. hehehe