Lino lives it!!!

Lino lives his faith. That is one thing that has become clear to me. I was nervous with all the changes happening on the CGS that Lino would get discouraged. Heck, I was and I don't have to deal with the stress of hiring and running the show. But Lino's theological points of why he was staying is something we should all take to heart. Following the Lord is not easy. We will be challenged. We will question why. Faith is believing what you do not see. There are times in our life when the future seems uncertain, unattainable. Yet if we preserve, if we believe, pray and praise, we will find the joy God wants us to have.
I can relate to this on a personal level. Several years ago, my wife and I felt called adopt. The child had a medical condition that we were aware of and determined we could handle. When we were able to take custody of him, his medical condition was more severe than we anticipated. We were in a foreign country, scared, the future seemed so bleak so uncertain. Pray and believe. Now two years later, things are better. There are still set backs. Twice, after scheduling flights, surgery and motels, he has gotten a cold and we were told no go. Sent home to start over. We try again in a month. What does this have to do with Lino? you ask. I am egocentric. Wanting my own glory. No. The point is God does have a plan for us.
I have heard it said that we are only given a lamp unto our feet. Just enough light to see our next step. The rest of the journey is based on faith. In my case, if we would have known the day we decided to adopt the pitfalls in the future. We might have thought it to much. But now, I wouldn't change things for the world. Do I get discourage with the setbacks? Yes. Do I believe more than ever? Yes. Have I witnessed the power of God through this? Yes. More than ever. If I would have bailed, I would never have experienced the miraculous power of God. The same can be said for TCG show. Things seem a little out of wack now. But I believe God has a plan. We do need to pray for the show. It is doing tremendous things in peoples lives. The Devil don't want that happening. I thank God and admire Lino, who when panicked took this to prayer. Followed God's plan and continued his commitment to spreading the Gospel with three hours of Catholic Pleasure.

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