30 minutes in HECK!!!!

Man, talk about being on the edge. Lino kept any true fan hanging on yesterday. There are certain moments in our lives that are frozen. I can remember where I was when my wife told me she was pregnant with each child, when she called to tell that we were approved to adopt a child we fell in love with. These thoughts crossed my mind as Lino began his discourse yesterday. Panic and Prayers. Please Lord, don't take TCG show. It brings so much joy to me.
It was horrible timing too. The 5 pm hour for me. I like to be home to eat with my family. When Lino started to make the annoucement I drove slower so as not to make it home before the announcement. No good, Lino still talking and I'm home. Quickly grab my stilleto, I will put it into my home kit and listen while I wash up for supper. Acquiring Signal!!! Oh man, the kids must have messed with the antena!!!! What the heck!!!!! What is Lino saying!!!! Crap I'm going to miss it!!! Quickly, back to the truck, plug in the stilletto, turn on the radio. Whew, no announcement, Lino still rambling. Quickly, run into the house, log onto sirius.com while explaining to my wife over the cries of 5 hungry kids why it was important for me to listen. Logged in. Lino still rambling. Come on now, Lino, say it, JUST SAY IT. Get it over with like ripping off a bandaid!!!! Phone rings. It's work. They need to talk to you. You've got to be kidding me.!!!!!! I'm waiting for news that will profoundly affect my life. !!!!!! I really have no idea what was being asked of me. Although one was ear was near receiver of the phone, all audible senses were focused on my computer speakers. Did Lino say he planned to continue to do the show. Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!! Thank You Lord!!! Yes, now we can eat. Sorry, Dad got a little nuts, it's just that well things just got crazy!!!!

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4 Responses to 30 minutes in HECK!!!!

  1. I laughed so hard at that, Doug in Kansas.

    If only Lino knew our daily struggles.

  2. LOL. Yep, I was imagining going up to NY to protest the whole thing.

  3. At first I got really upset at the thought of him leaving.

    As he kept talking I started getting kinda mad. Go ahead, go back to MN to your priest friends and your big TV, I thought to myself.

    When he said he was staying, I was so happy I felt like crying.

    That's when I realized that I have to get a life. Seriously.

  4. Doug INK says:

    Kate - Amen and Amen - I too am guilty of lino obsessive compulsive disorder. I am like rainman. "Of course, of course it's five minutes to Lino." And there are times when the recording and the replay won't do. I mean, I need my Lino fresh. It is an illness few can comprehend. But someday, by properly educating the public, we will be understood.