Monday's show

I thought Monday was a great day of catholic radio. From the unique segments, such as Gus singing to Maureen (the line about kissing was fantastic), to the banter (calling Lino out for the sin of lust) between the group, every part of the show seemed fresh and fun.

Lino goofing on us, making us think that he could actually leave, was original, slightly infuriating (thought to myself, 'Well, there goes this blog!'), but now that I think back on it, was a well-timed joke (I think I nearly hung up on a customer at work today trying to hear the end of the segment). No doubt, it left program-director Ron in a little bit of a panic.

I think what also made the show great, and some might not agree, was that it didn't get bogged down in calls. I love the phone calls, especially the hang-ups, but today, it was nice to see everyone's personality take center-stage.

Tomorrow should be a great show: since I have the day off, I can update during the show, instead of formatting Dear Abby columns for page 2B, and wondering why BluMonkee, our paper's automated photo-editing program quit working.

Great show today, especially Gus singing. I don't think that will be topped for quite some time.

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