A Special Anniversary

This week is a special anniversary in my life. Tuesday, will mark one year that I have first tuned into TCG show. I can't remember a year when something has invigorated me more. I was and still am a huge Seinfield fan, I loved Cheers in college, yet, it did not matter if I missed an episode. But things are different with TCG, I had a VCR during these other two periods of my life. If my machine didn't work and I missed an episode. No worry, no sweating, no swearing. Shamefully, the same can not be said about TCG show. I bought a stilleto because I didn't want to miss out on any of the action. Occasionally, something went wrong and I missed recording the episode. I am so thankful for the replays during such occasions. I know I have the opportuniyt to catch a later airing.
Here is a sick thing to consider. My air conditioning went out in my pickup. I talked to the local shop about recharging it but the only time they could do it was during Lino's show. I knew that meant the vehicle would be inside during the TCG time which meant my satellite service would not work. It was too late to take it home and put it in my home kit. (Yes, pathetically, I forked over the money for that too). It was Thursday, the first day of the True Crew (Lino and Lou), and I didn't want to miss it. I like to wind down at the end of the night by putting in the old ear buds and listening to the show. Lino has often said that he wakes up with Gus Loyd every morning.........Well, I am not ashamed to admit I usually go to bed with Lino Rulli. But I digress, back to my air conditioning. I told the shop I'd wait even though their next open wasn't until next week. Sadly, I'd rather sweat a few more days than miss an important episode.

Actually, I shouldn't use words like sadly, pathetically, sick, because the truth be said, I have never been more proud, more enthused to be Catholic, more confident and ready to defend my faith. This can all be directly attributed to one year of the Catholic Channel, specifically The Catholic Guy show. My hopes and daily prayers are that Lino and Lou can find the inspiration and energy they need to keep the Cathtainment coming. I don't think I can ever express to them how much their three hour radio show has meant to me or has influenced me. My gosh, I am spending time writing a blog that will maybe get two comments. (dustin is a lock for one). Why? Because somewhere in this obsessive fan's mind, I hope and pray that Lino and Lou read this. (To Heck with the rest of you). That by reading this. it will pick them up on a down day, encourage them, let them know they are making a difference. I am to humble to forward this to them . Note subtle hint to come: (I will not be offended if someone else does, though, just so they get the message. Truly, I just want them to feel proud of their efforts. I mean its not like I'd ever know if they read it. That is of course, unless they commented about it on the air. MAN!!!! THAT WOULD BE LIKE SO AWESOME!!!!!! It would actually inspire me to write more. Which in turn, would distract me from maybe some really important things in my life, like my job, my family, my prayer life. ..............So who do you think you are???!!!!!! ..........What gives you the right to just forward this to just anyone?!!!!! ............Don't you understand? I have a problem and now you send this off and you ........why you.......your just a no good, lousy enabler. Just back off and let me live my life). Subtle hint over.

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1 Response to A Special Anniversary

  1. I think it's a curse from Lino when it comes to the air conditioning: i have to get mine fixed Tuesday. One hundred and fifty dollars back into the economy though, so I guess the stimulus plan works!

    Doug in Kansas, it was good hearing that the show inspires you. Heck, it confirmed my choice to begin conversion to Catholicism three months ago as a good one.

    So yeah, God bless Lino. And God bless Lou! I am super-pumped for this week of shows.