InLouOfAFanClub is Safe!!!!

This is the message I got when I click on the InLouOfaFanClub link that dustin so graciously put on this site. Let me assure you that my fan club site it safe. I have never pished in my life. Except for the time I got my wisdom teeth removed and they number my mouth and I couldn't speak clearly.
Seriously, if anyone know what I need to do to clear this up let me know. I would like to see a few more fans give Lou a little love. I sure Lou wishes I wouldn't have used that phrase.

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1 Response to InLouOfAFanClub is Safe!!!!

  1. I replaced the link, and now it comes up good. Just perfect luck that it would happen to Lou's fan club though. The poor guy. Only Spider-Man deals with more crap than he does.