Still no word on Maureen's whereabouts

A search for Maureen McMurray brings up very little on the internet. However, I'm guessing that her first day as producer could be Monday, which in that case, she might pop up in the show credits.

Yes, we seem a little stalkerish. But c'mon, I know some of us are curious to find out who our favorite producer ditched us for.

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4 Responses to Still no word on Maureen's whereabouts

  1. is she Chico's mentor?

  2. I think that article is old...because it says in it that she had been next door to that office for several months, which makes me think that she was Chico's mentor before becoming Lino's mentor.

  3. I found that article a while back. It's from way before Mo joined TCC.

  4. Good job on finding that article Giggy Miles. It was great to see Maureen's smiling face from her younger years.