The Thursday show and our new address!

No running diary today (we save those for big events).

I thought Lou and Lino—the True Crew as Doug in Kansas so eloquently stated—did a pretty good job today. Although Lino, not writing to that child that you sponsor is pretty heartless: you should definitely devote some of Friday to doing so. Although, who am I to criticize? I don't even sponsor a maybe I should shut my yap and be a man of action first.

At any rate, I think Rulli will write back.

I always enjoy Lets Make A Catholic Deal...the cheesy music, and wondering if people will get Haterade behind door number two is just fun to listen to.

Also, per Lino's criticisms today (he was extremely hard to please!), our blog's URL was too complicated for you to reach. Therefore, we've given it a domain name, as you can probably tell from the header. It's You can continue to access it via, but I have to agree, is much easier to remember. There's also the email address, . Click on the ... to see the full address (this prevents spam)

These improvements will hopefully make this blog run smoothly.

It's off to bed for me, as I ponder whether or not any woman would ever let me name our daughter "Pink Floyd Faber." C'mon, it's got a nice flow to it, right? First I need to get a date, and judging by the fact the face I see in the mirror, that could take a while.

Also, Lino has the day off Friday so they are replaying Maureen's final show, all three hours of fun!. For fun, follow along our diary and let us know how if we came close to emulating the excitement!

Take care. We'll see you later today.

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