Stop obsessing over women, Lino!

By Dan @

Lino Rulli has dropped the ball once again.

Yesterday, The Catholic Guy went to an Italian Catholic parish in hopes of finding himself one of them nice looking Italian Catholic girls. He even prayed about it before going to church. After mass, seeing his female target in sight, Lino went in for the kill.

But, as expected, things didn’t go as planned.

“As I began to open my mouth, she turned to walk away,” Lino explained during the final hour of Monday’s Catholic Guy show.

I would love to see The Catholic Guy find a nice girl to do some of “the dating” with, but I’m worried that Lino’s gotten a little too obsessive in his search for good ol’ chaste Catholic love (not that he should be looking for un-chaste Catholic love).

If Lino is looking for a nice, attractive, fun girl to hang out with and the possibility of something more, then more power to him. But, at the risk of me projecting my own often dysfunctional romantic personality (circa the years 2000 through 2003), if he’s looking for that perfect Catholic “dream girl” that’s going to let him finally quit therapy, destroy his personality defects and make him happily ever after, than I’m worried about him.

Lino has shared several stories on the air of meeting or getting close to meeting attractive women only for something to go terribly wrong (woman realizes she’s in the wrong airplane seat, Lino doesn’t have the nerve to talk to her, etc). Sometimes Lino has wondered if God has set up these scenarios and run-ins with women -- which makes Lino feel worse when he fails to seal the deal.

It’s perfectly fine to believe that God has a plan for you, and that plan may be to put a special significant other in your life. But Lino is going to drive himself crazy (and risk royally creeping girls out) if he treats every cute, datable girl he meets as a God-sent woman destined to be with Lino.

If God has a special woman out there for Lino, He will make it happen. Lino won’t have to jump through hoops to find her. It’ll just happen naturally and easily.

Either way, good luck, Lino. We all have your back… even if we sometimes are laughing behind it.

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1 Response to Stop obsessing over women, Lino!

  1. I think I have the same problem as Lino...I always put too much effort into it. But I've decided now to sit out the dating for a little while...maybe my lack of luck was tied to not focusing enough of God, or needing to improve my relationship with God first.

    Nevertheless, I'm happier now that I don't focus on it so much. Maybe Lino can do the same :)