The True Crew

Although, I haven't listen to much of today's show. Thursdays are my busier than busy day. But throughout the day at work many thoughts of the show crossed my mind.

First off, one of my favorite quotes of John Paul II is "Freedom is not doing what we want to do but what we ought to do". How does this apply to Lino? Because Lino stated earlier in the week, he sometimes thinks he would rather be in MN with his friends than living in NY doing the show. But he feels God has called him to do this show. I like to apply/compare what I hear on the show to my life. For instance, today I kept fighting the urge to sneak away from work and listen to the show. The first one with the True Crew. Lino and Lou. I knew it just wouldn't be right. If Lino can give up life in MN for the Lord, surely I can patiently wait to listen to Lino until later on my stilletto.

I also want to give my salute to Lou and Lino, the true crew. Each have been on board since day one. Obviously, the core of the show. I thought it was ironic that Lou, in some ways, gets the least amount of respect or appreciation. (That is except for me as founder and moderater or InLouOfAFanClub, Lou's unofficial official fan club). I remember awhile back twhen Lino was going to set aside a week for each of the crew to show our appreciation for them. Maureen got five days of appreciation, MAW, Maureen Appreciation Week. Next was TAW, Tom Appreciation week. Then what happened with Lou. Was there Law? No. They forgot Monday. And rembered half way through the tuesday show. Other items came and went and LAW was left by the wayside. Lou did not get his week of appreciation. It was more like a LAD, Lou appreciation day. Yet, who is the one left? Who is the one who labors daily to please us? Who more than any one else is insync with Lino and can play off him best. LOU!!! So with that in mind, I encourage of the people who read this blog to sign up for his fan club. This really is not a shameless promotion of a second rate fan club president, I just want Lou to know how awesome he is. Here is the quick link.

By the way, not to be cold, but I really think the Tom Falcone and Maureen fanclub should be disbanded. Personaly, I have resigned from their clubs. Not to be cold, but they quit on me, I quit on them. They are still in my prayers but let the listeners of NPR sign on for Maureen and software geeks should show their support for Tom.

One final conspiracy thought. Did Maureen know she was going to do this? I realized today that she used up most of her sick days in January. HMMMM...........think about it.

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  1. Father Chern did say that would be disbanded. He should have that done by the end of the week. Think she'll keep her myspace page?