A very special anniversary!

By Dan @ LinoFans.com

Today is both the nine year anniversary of the ordination of our very own Father Jim Chern, as well as the one year anniversary of the officially opening of the “Unofficial” Lino Rulli Fan Club. The former left an indelible spiritual mark on a young, humble man from New Jersey. The latter left an indelible mark on Lino Rulli’s ego. Unlike Father Jim Chern, who will be a priest forever (even in Heaven) whether he likes it or not, I can quit running LinoFans.com any time.

A year ago today, when I sent Lino a message telling him that I started a little fan club for him, I had no idea how much fun I would end up having and all the cool people I would meet. I never dreamed that I’d end up getting to meet Lino and the (original) crew, either. I’m thankful for all of this.

When I leave in two months to Texas to begin studying for the priesthood, I’ll have to spend a lot less time contributing to and updating LinoFans.com -- which shouldn’t be too traumatic for anyone since that has become my trademark. Luckily CatholicGuyShow.com, and the good, funny Catholic guys that contribute to the site, has sprung up to work hand in hand LinoFans.com to help fill the void and keeping spreading the word about Lino.

Thanks again everyone for the past year!

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3 Responses to A very special anniversary!

  1. Thank you Dan for giving the rest of us inspiration to pester Lino about his show!

    Good work by you and by Father Chern.

  2. Doug INK says:

    Dan, you are the first psycho Lino fan. The DIKhead. As dustin said, an inspiration to us all. You made one small step for lino, one large step for linokind. Helping the rest of us to be bold enough to be an obnoxious, yet ingnored, fan.

  3. Dan who knew we shared such momentous anniversaries on the same day! LOL!

    Really excited that in 2 months you leave for the seminary and God willing, we'll all be celebrating an even more important anniversary in your life and the life of the Church...

    9 Years - still can't believe it