5-29 show review

Personal stories are fun. But Lino's opener was dirty! The man ran out of soap earlier today, and had to clean his stench of a body with shampoo.

Creepy, as the Simon Cowell voice chimes.

Why he couldn't use use liquid dish soap is beyond me, but that's how we opened today's show. Even more disturbing was the woman who called and said she gave up shaving her legs for LintLent.

Are you nuts? Lady, if you are reading this, pretty much every guy listening to the show wanted to run straight for the bathroom with a sick stomach. No way should any woman give up shaving her legs for LintLent. I feel for her husband (no word on if she is married, but I am assuming she is).

Such a wonderful way to kick off the show...and I was busy eating an apple at the time. So my day was shot!

The rest of the show was the usual fun banter. The questions were very easy during Lets Make A Catholic Deal (which still has the best music of any segment on the show), so not a lot of wrong answers. For those of us at work, who are unable to call, this was a let down...it's fun to be challenged by the segment.

Good Thursday show, especially the caller named Tom who whined about staying on hold, who got put back on hold for his evil transgressions. What a lousy man! Sorry, I'm still bitter about the bad images that got put in my head by the woman who didn't shave her legs for Lint.

Hopefully we won't get anything gross in tomorrow's show.

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2 Responses to 5-29 show review

  1. Doug INK says:

    dutin - your stepping into my realm. Misspelling is my schtick. It's lent not lint. Although those hairy legs probalby collected alot of lint. Your also excused because you are new to the faith.

  2. Joe says:

    First I get on The Catholic Guy show and then noted on one of my favorite blogs - what a week! Seriosly, keep up the good work, I really enjoy the blog.
    - Still waiting on hold Tom