The best 'bad' show Lino has put on in a while

Chris Hansen: "What is it that you do for a living?"
Suspect: "I'm a producer for a show called 'The Catholic Guy' on Sirius Satellite Radio."

For those of you who listened to the live broadcast of Friday’s Catholic Guy Show, consider yourself lucky. That show will most likely go into The Catholic Channel vault to never be heard again.

The show started late, assumingly because of technical difficulties. Lino Rulli and producer Ryan Stewart were in Southern California for the National Catholic Singles Conference while Lou, Christine, and intern Emily manned the mothership back at Sirius in New York.

During a “Mr. Spend All Day in The Confessional Guy” commercial before the show started, the channel accidentally broadcast Lino saying, “Yeah, I can hear you, Lou.”

The show didn’t finally kick off until about 4:07 p.m. eastern time.

Lino: "The last few minutes there’s been a lot of prayers being offered to see if I was really going to be on the air or not. Lou, how’s the sweat level there in New York City?"

Lou: "Nearing gross. Gross proportions actually. Kinda disgusting."

Friday’s show was still pretty solid, despite embarrassing (but funny) technical mishaps such as the audience being able to hear the crew in NewYork frantically trying to fix the technical problems while Lino was talking. (You could even hear someone say "Shhh!!!" when someone in the studio was talking too loud.)

Lino chatted on the phone with chastity speaker Michelle Fleming and's Jason Evert. He also took the opportunity to goof on Ryan who, by the time Friday's show went on the air, had already made several awkward advances to girls he’d encountered on the trip. Lino and the crew had to break it to Ryan, as well, that he is a "5" on the women desirability scare and not a "10" as he originally thought.

It’s too bad The Catholic Channel didn’t rebroadcast the show during the Friday night replay, but it’s understandable that they wouldn’t wan to re-air a show wrought with technical errors. Instead, the channel replayed last Friday’s broadcast.

Hopefully some clips from Friday’s show will magically pop up on YouTube sometime soon for those of you who didn’t hear the broadcast.

Lino will be giving a talk at the Singles Conference Sunday entitled, “Thank God I’m Single.”

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6 Responses to The best 'bad' show Lino has put on in a while

  1. oskiwow says:

    Lino was frank and honest when talking about his past relationships (regrets) also. some great stuff. Lino went Eeyore on us for awhile. and he was non-stop in his ragging on Ryan "Mr. 10" Stewart.

    sometimes, when Lino helps, he hurts.

    poor Ryan.

  2. I missed Friday's show! I did listen to the "replay" that wasn't, but at least got to hear "Ron" live from Rome. I'm glad I didn't change my plans....but I'm sure the technical glitches were funny!

  3. I think I still have this on my S50 - you can also hear Rob in the background at one point when they were trying to figure out what was wrong.

    Best comment via email was asking Lino if Bad connection Bob gave him the microphone

  4. oskiwow says:

    Does Lino have anyone on his staff older than he is? Or is Lino the Old Man of TCG crew?

  5. Lino's 35 -- the oldest one of the staff by about 8 years.

  6. "Lino went Eeyore on us"--LOL!

    Lino is 36. Does the fact that I know that put me in the category of "creepy fan" or not?