WHEEL OF NEWS: Weekend Edition

In the "see, everyone has bad day's" file - one that will surely upset our friend Lino, here's a story from The Hollywood Reporter about David Letterman:

'Late Show' posts poor ratings
Last week tied lowest-ever among 18-49 demo
By Paul J. Gough

June 26, 2008, 07:48 PM ET
NEW YORK -- CBS' "The Late Show With David Letterman" tied its lowest-ever adults 18-49 rating last week.

"Late Show" averaged a 0.9 rating in adults 18-49, Nielsen Media Research said. That is its lowest ever for an original since the program premiered in 1993, though not the lowest for the show: It has hit 0.9 several times, most recently in late December when it was in reruns because of the WGA strike.

Meanwhile, "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" averaged a 1.3 rating in the demo, its biggest margin of victory against "Late Show" in four months. "Late Show" tied for second place in the demo rating with ABC's "Nightline," though "Nightline" had more viewers in the demo. Both "Tonight" and "Late Show" showed drops in viewers and the demo.

Friday's "Nightline" wasn't included in the ratings.

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2 Responses to WHEEL OF NEWS: Weekend Edition

  1. I used to like Letterman a lot but he got tiring. Leno is ok but I wouldn't watch more than the first half hour of either of them. It gets so tiring watching celebrities hawking whatever they're doing at the time.

  2. Im with you Kate - re-runs of Scrubs, Family Guy and Everybody loves raymond are much mrore fun and interesting to watch during late night as I wind down from the day...