Feelings are not facts: A Linography of The Catholic Guy's relationship with his therapist

By Dan @ LinoFans.com

"Feelings Are Not Facts"
(6/4/07 Mock n' Roll Friday song parody)

This Thursday, June 5, marks the one year anniversary of a truly historic day for Lino Rulli and The Catholic Guy Show. On June 5, 2007, Lino had his first ever session with his Catholic therapist, Dr. Pazzo.

In the beginning…

In May of 2007, Lino Rulli did something that was unthinkable at the time on Catholic radio. Not only did he admit that he was contemplating going to see a therapist, but he asked his listeners to chime in with advice as to whether he should go through with it or not. Reaction was mixed. Many listeners supported the idea of Lino seeing a psychiatrist, while others told him that his faith in God should be enough to help him work through his issues. One of the supporters of Lino seeking therapy was Dr. Gregory Popcak.

“God is good enough in the greater scheme of things,” Popcak. assured Lino. “But God uses professionals as instruments of his grace.”

Lino finally decided to go ahead with his psychiatric adventure. He found a good Italian, Catholic therapist that he nicknamed Dr. “Pazzo” (Italian for “crazy”) to protect his identity.

A life-changing revelation

Before his first real session with his soon-to-be longtime therapist, Lino met with Dr. Pazzo for a quick, preliminary meeting. Pazzo gave Lino a book to read called “Feeling Good” and inspired Lino with an indispensable (and ultimately infamous) revelation: “Feelings are not facts.”

Lino’s amazement over Dr. Pazzo’s brilliant discovery was the cause of much deserved mockery by the rest of the Catholic Guy crew. It even inspired a “Mock n’ Roll Friday” song appropriately titled “Feelings Are Not Facts.” (See video above.) The song, a parody of Bonnie Tyler’s 1980s ballad “Total Eclipse of The Heart,” debuted on the June 4 show. Amanda Falcone, board operator for “Across The Nation” and wife of former Catholic Guy phone answerer Tom Falcone, supplied the lead vocals for the song.

And I need an appointment now
And I need one more than ever
And if you only see me tonight
I’ll be your patient forever

(*Yup, seems like it.)

The following September, Dr. Pazzo would have his hands full helping The Catholic Guy cope with the demise of his relationship with Toni, a girl Lino had met a few months earlier on the show during a “Christian Speed-Dating” segment. (By the way, the breakup aftermath was made worse when Lino decided to ignore the suggestion of your humble LinoFans.com president to avoid a post-relationship friendship with Toni.)


So, here we are now, one year later. Has Lino Rulli gotten any better? I guess Lino ultimately is the only one who can answer that. If anything, Lino’s therapy and the resulting “Free Therapy Tuesday” segments have been entertaining and enlightening to most of us.

I know God will work in Lino’s life and give him the grace he needs to tackle his problems. And I truly do feel that God is using Lino as a tool (haha, you’re a “tool” Lino!) to help other people through his therapy.

Ultimately, though, as both a fan of Lino and someone has come to respect him, I hope that someday soon Lino will be able to fire Dr. Pazzo.

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3 Responses to Feelings are not facts: A Linography of The Catholic Guy's relationship with his therapist

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh man. You guys are hilarious.

  2. Wow great entry. Very comprehensive and funny :) I don't think Lino can call you lazy anymore

  3. Doug INK says:

    Ditto to what dustin said. Also can't disagree with Molly. Strangely, I have benefitted from Lino's Free Therapy Tuesdays. For instance asking myself, "What does it say about Doug?" in certain instances. I have yet to asked myself, for fear of the answer, "What does all this blogging about Lino say about Doug?"