Youtube randomness

Because you asked for it, because you demanded it, because it contains 27 essential vitamins and nutrients and will edify your soul, I present to you "Youtube randomness."

The premise is simple: I post a random youtube video. No theme, no rhyme or reason, no deeper meaning to the selection. Just a random video, some chuckles from you, and maybe a comment congratulating me on being smarter than I look.


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2 Responses to Youtube randomness

  1. Doug INK says:

    The reocurring thought that crossed my mind as I watched this is "how long does it take to make a video like this". I mean, what does this guy do for a living? what is his "pay off" for excerting so much energy.

    I did think it was funny. I do like the random videos. Nonsense just apeals to me sometimes. Plus, dustin exposes me (heyoh) to many different things.

  2. They have an entire website at with hundreds of funny videos of these characters. very well done and popular :)