God bless you Father Paul Keenan. Rest in peace.

It is with a heavy heart that I relay the sad news to you. Father Paul Keenan collapsed last night, and has passed away. No official word yet, but I imagine The Catholic Channel will have something on their home page soon. (Editors note: they just announced it on the air a few minutes ago) He would have been 62 this Friday, according to Bob Dunning on Across the Nation.

Anybody who has ever listened to The Catholic Channel knows Father Paul's voice. Just hearing him speak always put my heart at ease...Father Paul was like a family member to many listeners.

Please take a few minutes today to remember Father Paul and his family in your prayers.

Our world just lost a man with great integrity. You will always be loved and remembered.

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11 Responses to God bless you Father Paul Keenan. Rest in peace.

  1. oskiwow says:

    Are there any recordings of past shows by Father Paul?

    -mike in burbank

  2. I'm not sure yet....I will find out if they will rerun any of the shows and keep you updated. I do know that if you go to the catholic channel homepage, there is a show clip from Fr. Pauls show up.

  3. I'm really sad to read this today. For years before Sirius started "The Catholic Channel" I would listen to Fr Paul on WABC 770AM every Sunday on a show called "Religion on the Line"

    He would be speaking with a Rabbi for a couple of hours and took phone calls from people. It was a terrific conversation every week and was a prelude to this great channel.

    Fr. Paul was definitely a pioneer in helping the Church to dialogue more through the media.

    Eternal rest grant unto Him O Lord, and may the perpetual light shine upone Him. May He rest in peace...

  4. Doug INK says:

    He was a great man. I thought he was the perfect mellow voice for his original late night time slot. Always gave me lots to ponder. When making my "Devil Don't Like Sirius 159" video, (honestly not meant as a plug), I wanted to mention him somehow but didn't feel right taking a sarcastic jab at him like I did the other personalities. I do consider him a great and holy man.

  5. Raymond says:

    I just heard on the replay of Lino's show. I am sure that God has welcomed him with open arms.

  6. As usual, when someone dies, I feel like I should have appreciated them more.

    To be honest, I only listened to Father Paul's show a few times, and only called in once or twice. Now I wish I had listened more.

    Whenever I listened to Father Paul, I was always reminded that it's important to be kind to others and that it's OK to disagree with someone without them being your enemy.

    Father Paul was a genuinely kind and caring priest, and he will be missed.

  7. oskiwow,

    If you mean are there recordings of Father Paul on YouTube or something, I'm not sure.

    Hopefully they'll play some sort of tribute with past Father Paul shows in the coming days on TCC.

  8. Melissa says:

    In Santa Fe, NM Father Paul has two fans. We've been scouring the Internet trying to find out the details of his death. Thanks to this blog we now know. We haven't found a word in the papers, etc. What a loss of heart for this world. Alexander Shaia was a regular guest on Father Paul's show. If anyone wants to listen, the interviews about the Gospels can be heard at www.quadratos.com.

    Thanks again for letting us know.

  9. Thank you for the link, Melissa. I know that people will enjoy hearing that.

  10. What a shock this is. May he rest in peace.

  11. peter says:

    Dear Father Paul,
    youn have gone on so quickly to the great abundance.
    I shall miss you.Thank you for the books.

    Peter in Halifax