Youtube Randomness

It's random. It's haphazard. It doesn't usually have anything to do with Lino Rulli, but it's your weekly Youtube Randomness!

Inspired a few weeks ago by Lou asking Lino random questions on a Monday, here's this weeks random Youtube video.

Its a pretty touching video, albeit sad. So many children in Africa die from starvation every few seconds. Don't know about you, but its a travesty that a child can go hungry. Some of the images in the video are pretty disturbing, so keep that in mind before you click play. And the song...a classic from Jars of Clay. Light Gives Heat from the Good Monsters album is a fine piece of work.

This is one of the reasons I admire Lino so much: he does use part of his hard-earned salary to support children (and a senior citizen), doing his part to keep kids from going hungry.

FYI, the charity Jars of Clay supports is Blood: Water Mission, located at It's a fine charity if you feel compelled.

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