Help wanted

We here at love the idea of attending the free Catholic New Media Celebration, but unfortunately, we only have a $1.98 budget, which Father Chern already used to download unreleased B-side singles from Oasis off of iTunes. So unfortunately, we're plum out of traveling funds.

So if any of you are reading this and will be at the free conference (it's free to go hear Lino talk!), we'd love to get a report of the show, give you credit, and post it to the blog. Click on my face to the right, or send an email to the address on the right (click on the ... to reveal the entire email address), if you can go and will remember enough to fill out a post.

Thanks a bundle!

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1 Response to Help wanted

  1. Actually the $1.98 was for Coldplay's new song (pretty awesome by the way) and another Matt Maher tune...Already have all the Oasis CD's! Lol...

    Would be great to get reports from Lino-stalkers at this event.