Generation Cross DVD review

by dustin (The Boston Celtics fan)
I had no idea what to expect when this doozy of a DVD arrived in the mail to me a few weeks ago. After about a week and a half after ordering it (did you send this to me Maureen?), the package arrived, with MC Vanilla staring me in the face, pleading with me to enjoy Lino Rulli's work.

And did I? The segments were very humorous. Generation Cross appreciation day saw Lino and Bill Arnold standing in the cold, freezing their feet off (jeans are not good protection against low temperatures) with nobody showing up.

"The devil wants us to get discouraged," Lino quipped.

Other segments warranting multiple looks include a trip to France (where Lino is actually rendered speechless after being "insulted"), Fettucine Alla Whiskey, and the comedy-gold Behind the Lino, which profiles the great M.C. Vanilla.

But perhaps my favorite part of the DVD was Lino's trip to Italy. The show visited an old family home of Lino's, where his grandparents lived, even taking a trip down to the cellar to look at the wine press. The neighbors were very friendly, inviting the crew in for coffee, with Lino joking that he didn't have a key, but it seemed like everyone else did.

While the show didn't have the budget of a big hollywood production, the look and presentation of the show through camera angles and music was a pleasant surprise: the production crew Lino had in Generation Cross deserves to be commended. some high-budget primetime TV shows don't look nearly as good as this.

My only dislike was the DVD's format: I'm sure it was less expensive to do a "Best of" DVD, instead of "Season One." I have no idea how many episodes were in a season, but I personally think it would be awesome to have all six seasons of Generation Cross.

With that displeasure out of the way, the 90 minute DVD is definitely worth the $10 it costs to purchase it and keep Lino out of the poor house. It's a fascinating show that will have you giggling your arse off, and if you have a chance to win this on The Catholic Guy show, you'd be wise to take it.

The best DVD I've bought all year is Generation Cross, Volume 1. Five stars out of four.

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1 Response to Generation Cross DVD review

  1. Doug INK says:

    I agree with everything dustin said. I love the DVD. My kids love it. We have watched it several times. The funniest thing when we first got it my 9 year-old-son said, "Weird, Lino Rulli on TV". I sure would by a complete collection of all six years. We teach Cathechism and would use some of the episodes there. The $10 price covers delivery so it really is a bargain. The shipping was also excellent. Plus Lino signed his name on the label which I cut out and hung on the wall next to my framed letter from Lou Holt's when I invited him to our wedding.