Holy Sex!!!!

By Doug INK
Lino announced to all the creepy guys who listen to the show that they now have a female intern named Emily. Perhaps soon to dubbed Emily "Dunning". The only logical choice. Since, Konig is leaving ed: He left last week, and Dwyer would be way too inappropriate.

In a ironic twist in scheduling, two young females in the studio, Monday's guest talked about sex. Some parts of the segment made me reminiscent of the "Awkward moments in Catholic Guy History". Dr. Gregory Popcak cohosts with his wife Lisa, Fully Alive!! , the late night show on Sirius 159. A great show that I have tuned into from time to time when I have caught up on all my CGS. Fully Alive is a call in talk show dealing with family and marital issues from a Catholic perspective. As a married guy it would best serve me to get input from Dr. Popcak and his wife instead of from Lino. But alas, many addictions can not be explained. Popcak was on the show to plug his book "Holy Sex" and promote his show. His appearance also proved that in the improper immature mind frame any statement made can be taken as a dirty euphemism.

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3 Responses to Holy Sex!!!!

  1. oskiwow says:

    it was actually a great segment, despite all the sophomoric behavior a la Lino. :)

    i actually think it was lino's own uncomfortableness that made the segment more... "endearing."

  2. HeHe You said sex.

    Yes Lino was being funny. Catholic radio at its best.

    You know somebody, may have listened and wanted to get the book, because Lino made it interesting and his guest had fun.

    Lino should take his pole out and see what listeners think.

  3. I really enjoyed the segment as well. In fact, inspired by some of the things Greg said, I was able to talk to a coworker this morning and have her seriously consider abstaining from sex with her boyfriend. I didn't yell at her and quote the catechism of the writings of St. Paul. I was able to use some of the same common sense (but still Catholic-based) advice Dr. Greg offered.

    Now I will just have to hide from her boyfriend when he comes after me to kick my ass.

    Thanks Dr. Popcak!