Lino gone?!

I know I often don't pay attention, but did Lino ever mention that he was going to playing a rerun on Tuesday's show?

By the way, (at the risk of sounding like I'm complaining) I have a suggestion for the CGS folks: If you're gonna play a "Best of" show, how 'bout playing a show we haven't heard for a while?

And if you're gonna call it "Best of," then how about playing one of the classic shows like The Valentine's Day Massacre on Lino announcing that he broke up with his girlfriend? Throwing on a show from a few days ago and calling it "Best of" just makes it look like there was no effort put into it.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I hope Lino and the crew are OK and nothing really bad happened to one of them.. 'cuz then I'd feel like a really big jerk!

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7 Responses to Lino gone?!

  1. Doug INK says:

    I am always half nervous that my stilleto isn't recording. Then when I get a repeat, for a brief second I freak out that it didn't record that days show. Then when I realize it is a replay I am disapointed. And when it is an unannounced replay, I do wonder if anything major has happened with anyone of the crew.

    I do agree they should rerun some of the "classic" episodes. It would be fun for us long term fans but it would give some of the new listeners a chance to hear some of the episodes they hear about but never get the entire show. For instance, Lino's push ups.

  2. oskiwow says:

    well, i'd think they were okay, given that father dave & co. started their show without much ado...

  3. Maybe Lino flew out to Boston to see the Celtics kick the Lakers asses!!!! Sorry, I had too much tequila and rum tonight! woo!

  4. I think with Dave and Susan and Father departing that there are a number staff meetings to regroup. Perhaps the Konig spot is to be filled by something produced by a jobless CGS veteran producer...Maybe stick an hour of Lino at large in there...dunno.

  5. Lino gave no indication I was surprised. Can not wait to hear the excuse today.

    Catholic Chump

  6. Kate says:

    If they are going to play a replay, I wish they would replay the "new format" show. That was one of the funniest things I ever heard in my life.

  7. Are you referring to the show where Lino mocked boring catholic radio and didn't take any calls? That was hillarious!!!! Still kicking myself that I didn't get a chance to hear more than 5 min of that show.